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Credit and loan agreements

Credit and loan agreements, of course, includes the credit or loan contracts, but also it includes guarantee and the assumption of debt, acknowledgment of debt, but also the surety and pledge agreement

Contract of sales

This includes contract of sales, gift agreement, option, exchange, maintenance and annuity contracts. It inculdes all of the opportunities you need in a transfer of ownership.

Marriage Contracts

The marriage contracts, includes of course the declaration of intention of marriage, but also you can find the joint marital property division, community sharing of matrimonial property, and the matrimonial property agreement.

Corporate law contracts

The corporate law contracts contains limited- general partnership’s, limited liability company’s, and other documents relating to the establishment of a legal entity. Further more treaty on the transfer of shares, amendment of the articles of association and founder condominium documents.

Under the lease agreements

Under the lease agreements are divided into lease agreements with the definite and indefinite period, leasehold, lending, and home use contracts.


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Free parking

Our Hungarian office can be found in the 14th district and in the surrounding streets free parking opportunity is assured

English – Hungarian languages

In our office there are 10 collagues with a legal qualification and two legal assistant stands for your provision

Wheelchair accessible office

Our Hungarian office collaborates in English language in some notarial activities


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